Neil Fox

Principal Intrusions Specialist

Neil has worked in Cyber Security for around 5 years for two major UK Telcos. The majority of his time working in cyber has been in 3rd line/CERT type roles as an escalation point for high priority incidents, this has also included a lot of threat hunting and in his current role a lot of focus on malware analysis.

Course curriculum

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    • #1 How to Build a Malware Lab

    • #2 How To Analyse a Malicious Word Document

    • #3 Static Analysis Tools & Techniques

    • #4 Behavioural Analysis Tools & Techniques

    • #5 Malware Analysis Using a Cuckoo Sandbox

    • #6 Common Malware Persistence Techniques

    • #7 Intro to Analysing Malware Using x32dbg

    • #8 How to Manually Unpack Malware

    • #9 Intro to Stack Memory (Theory)

    • #10 Stack Memory (Practical Malware Analysis)

    • #11 How to Analyse Hashed API Functions with x64dbg

    • #12 How to Install Ghidra on Windows

    • #13 Getting Started With Using Ghidra