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Digital Forensics Training & Consulting

We are a team of digital forensics specialists dedicated to helping businesses, law enforcement, and individuals understand and investigate cybercrime. Led by Professor Ali Hady , Ph.D., who has consulted with and delivered training to law enforcement, banks, and businesses.

He is a published author, researcher, and professor teaching Computer & Digital Forensics and Computer Networking & Cyber Security at Champlain College in Burlington, VT, USA.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To The Linux Forensics Distributions

    2. Survey

    1. Introduction to Linux Forensics Distros

    2. SANS Investigative Forensic Toolkit (SIFT)

    3. Computer-Aided Investigative Environment (CAINE)

    4. PALADIN

    5. Security Onion

    6. Kali Linux

    7. TSURUGI Linux

    1. Conclusion

    2. Recommendation

    3. Before Completing

    4. Have a question?!

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the most commonly used Linux distributions for digital forensics.

  • Understand the key features of the mentioned distribution.

  • Know the minimal requirements for distribution installation.